The Community Association of Rancho Del Cerro, Inc. was established in 1973 to protect the interests of property in the Rancho Del Cerro development. The organization is further described in our Legal Documents, including: The Conditions, Reservations and Restrictions (commonly known as CC&R'S) Document, as amended February 13, 1974; The Articles of Incorporation, dated April 16, 1982; and The Bylaws, dated Sept 3, 1985. All of these documents are found in the Documents section of this website.

Rancho del Cerro is a large community of over 500 homes, of which the Community Association of Rancho Del Cerro is comprised of certain lot numbers within lots 1-179. Our homes are on parts of the following streets: Sueno; Rancheros; Colinas: Quetzal; Campo; Estrellas, Arriba and Vientos. Also see the Street and Lot numbers in the Documents Section. There is another association for lot numbers 245 -297 and for 332-339 that is part of the overall Community Association of Rancho del Cerro, but not part of our Association.

In March 2013, we were informed by Legal Counsel, that due to an Arizona court ruling, we were to be considered a voluntary organization. All homeowners were asked if they wished to remain or decline to remain in the HOA. A significant number wished to remain in this voluntary organization and our HOA is viable and ongoing. All future homeowners have the same choice. Regardless of that choice, all homeowners must follow the CC&R's.

Governing Board

The Association is governed by a Board of Directors elected each year and who serve voluntarily. Current office holders can be found in the Contact section of this website. An annual meeting is held each year and working sessions are held throughout the year as necessary to carry on the business of our association. Homeowners are encouraged to attend the annual meeting and welcome to attend other meetings if arrangements are made prior to that meeting.

Dues and What we Do: Our dues remain at $25.00 per year!
We have no community pool, clubhouse or common areas, but we do perform the following tasks: Review all architectural requests; Send out a quarterly newsletter; Maintain the Rancho del Cerro signboard; Contact Pima County for street repairs or maintenance; Coordinate the yearly yard sale; Coordinate the Neighborhood Watch Group, and numerous other functions.

Architectural Review

Any structural changes to your home, such as walls, additions, garages, RV parking, etc, is required to go before the Architectural Review Committee. This is a requirement of the CC&R's papers you signed when buying your home here in this Association.

The process is as follows:
1) Plans must go before the Review Committee FIRST.
See the Documents Section for a copy of the Architectural Request Form.
2) If approved, then the plans go to the county for approval and obtaining of Building Codes & Permits.
3) Any changes the county makes must be presented to the Review Committee for final approval. If you have a small project that doesn't require county permits, the plans still need to go before the Review Committee.

Please also keep in mind that our CC&R's require that all residents maintain vegetation to preserve the desert we live in.

The Architectural Review Committee contact can be found on the Contact page. Please contact us for an appointment if necessary. Thank you for your cooperation.

Homes for Sale Process

Most homes in our Association have joined the HOA, though it is a voluntary Association. Here are some guidelines to follow for selling your home. Once the home is in escrow, the escrow officer should contact Joyce Wood at (520) 743-3834 or at . Please indicate the lot number and address of the current owner and the potential new owner along with their phone and e-mail contact. Allow some time for a response. Remember, this Association covers only lots 1-179. There is also a $50.00 transfer fee.

Speed Limits

The speed limit for all streets within the association is 25 miles per hour. Please adhere to this speed limit as the County Sheriff can and does watch for speeders within our streets.

Pet Pick Up

If you are walking your dog in our neighborhood, please remember to carry a litter bag with you and pick up after your pet. Thank you.